At the current time this website teaches the following software;


This software is commonly used in full production movie studios. What makes this package used by professional is it's adaptobility. There have been many plug-ins made for this software. This allows for Maya to be quite versitile. The biggest turn-off to Maya is it's price.
All the tutorials made for Maya on this website are made with Maya 8.5. As you probably know, this is one version behind the newer Maya 2009. The interfaces are slightly different, but, to my knowledge, the tutorials should work just fine. As for the example files I've created, I'm not sure if they're compatable.


Blender is just about the worlds most popular free software package. What sets it apart from the other free 3D packages is it's advanced features like animation, advanced rendering, and dynamic simulation. And, my personal opinion, it's fluid software is much more user friendly than Maya's. Blender is also one of the few free packages that can be compared with big software packages like Maya, 3DS max, Lightwave, etc. All the tutorials on this website were done with Blender verison 2.45.

3D Coat;

3D Coat is a texturing/sculpting package. You may be familiar with other sculpting packages such as Zbrush and Mudbox. 3D Coat can do a lot of the tasks that they do, but it doesn't offer the scalability or robustness. The tutorials on the website were created with 3D Coat 2-10-5.

Adobe Photoshop

The newest software to this site is Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is a popular image editing and image creation software.