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Two Tips For Move And Rotate Tools

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This covers some tool settings that I found useful to help the modeling process.

Move tool Mirror

The reflection option for the move tool allows you to select a vertex on one side of the model and, on the opposite side, the vertex with a similar position will be selected and moved the same way.

Step one - Select wherever you want to use for the example in vertex mode.

Step two - Go to the move tool.

Step three - Go to display>UI elements>tool settings.

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Check reflections.

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Now just select the axis that you want to mirror on. The half square on the move manipulator signifies the axis.

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Also, the tolerance attribute sets how much Maya will tolerate a difference in selecting the opposite side's vertices. A larger tolerance will allow for a larger difference between the two sides.

Note: This works for edges, vertices, and faces.

Rotate Tool Snap To Degrees

Most of the time when I use the rotate tool, I use 45 or 90 degree angles. Since it's hard to eyeball, I end up opening the channel box or attributes editor to make sure it's dead-on. Here's a way around that.

Step one - Select your object(s).

Step two - Go to the rotate tool.

Step three - Go to display>UI elemts>tool settings.

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Check snap rotate. Now set the step size to the amount of degrees you want the rotate tool to snap to. 45 works best for me.

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Now when you rotate the object it will snap in 45 degree increments.

Hope this helps you out.

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