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Saving Renderings In Maya

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This tutorial will cover how to save images from the render view in Maya, plus some advice on what file format to choose.

How To Save From The Render View

Once you've got your final image rendered, in the render view, go to file>save image.

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That's just about it, but here's some advice about file formats.

For most of the time, when you're saving an image on your computer that will be used in a slideshow or portfolio, it's best to save as windows bitmap, because most editing programs can easily open this file format. Also, there's no data loss (image quality reduction to save space).

If you want to later edit this image in a photo editing program (example; photoshop), it's best to save as a PNG file, or a TIFF. The reason these file formats are better is because they both save the alpha channel (mask). The alpha channel, or mask, is very useful when editing an image. Both of these file formats have no data loss, and can be easily loaded into most photo editing programs. If you have photoshop, it's always best to save as the photoshop file format (psd).

If the image you're saving will be later uploaded to a website, the two best file formats are PNG and JPEG, because these are the most common web image formats. You can save a PNG from the Maya render view and upload it directly to your website and you won't notice anything. But, if you save it as a JPEG, you'll notice a substantial loss in quality. This is because the default JPEG compression setting is pretty low. What I do is, in the render view, I would save the image as a bitmap or a PNG and load it up into an editing program (Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc.), and then save the JPEG from there where you have the JPEG compression settings. For Adobe Photoshop, you would go to file>save for web & devices...

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Set the preset to JPEG high, then set it from high to maximum.

For GIMP, go to file>save as...

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Click the select file type option and select JPEG. Then click save, then set the quality to 90+.

Hope this gave you a guideline.

Good luck.

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