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Clock Modeling Tutorial

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This tutorial series will walk you through step-by-step how to model, texture, and animate a clock. The tutorial covers box modeling techniques, revolve modeling techniques, and boolean modeling techniques. We'll be touching as well on basic principals of expression-generated animation.

This will take you through modeling the clock, and texturing, and animating it. The 15 videos total over an hour of training.


Reference images

Now we will begin modeling.

Here we will begin modeling the battery case.

More work on the battery case.

We will add some glass and a place to put the numbers.

On to texturing the clock in Photoshop.

We will add numbers to our clock texture in Photoshop.

Part 8.

We now start modeling the hands of the clock in Maya.

Here we will finish modeling the hands of our clock.

We will start texturing the battery.

We will add a bump map to the battery case.
Modeling is completed.

We delete history, freeze transformations, and name the objects.

We begin writing our clock's animation expression.

The last part of the series.

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