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Using An IK Spine To Rig A Garage Door

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In this tutorial, we'll take advantage of the capabilities of the IK Spine Handle so we can open a garage.


Step one - Download the scene file.mb.

Step two - Set your shelf and menu set to animation.

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Step three - Create a locator and move it to where the door handle would be.

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Binding The Door

After you've downloaded the file, you can see that we have a joint chain going up the garage door. It has not been bound to the door yet, so we'll do that now. Select the door and the joints and go to skin>bind skin>rigid bind.

Creating The IK Spine Handle

Step one - Select the create spine handle tool from the shelf.

Step two - Open the tool settings and set them to the image.

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Step three - Select the bottom joint in the chain.

Step four - Select the top joint of the chain.

Step five - Select the path curve (it's in yellow).

Now that we have created the IK spine, let's put the locator to work.

Setting Up The Locator

Step one - Select the base joint, or root joint. Hold the shift key and select the locator. Step two - Go to edit>parent, or hit P on your keyboard.

Step three - This step is important to make the animation easier. We're going to lock this locator's translation so it only moves up and down.

Step four - Select the locator and open the attributes editor by going windows>attributes editor.

Step five - In the attributes editor, click the tab locator1.

Step six - Right click on the attributes that are marked in black and go to lock attribute.

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Now all you have to do is move your locator and the garage door will move up and down.

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