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Creating A Flower In 10 - seconds Or Less

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In this tutorial I'll teach you how to create a generic flower bud from a sphere.


Step one - Create a sphere (create>polygonal primitives>sphere).

Step two - Delete history by going to edit>delete all by type>history.

Step three - Select all the vertexes on the top of the sphere.

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Transform Components

Now this is the reason why the sphere will turn into a flower instantly.

Step one - Go to edit>transform components. Click the square beside the text to open up the tools options.

Step two - Set the randomness to 6. You may need more.

Step three - Click transform vertex.

Step four - In the Maya scene, select and move the blue move handle of the universal manipulator. The more you drag it out, the better the flower will look.

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Now just add a stem and some leaves and your done. This technique is handy for adding flowers to background objects like bushes and trees.

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