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Mental Ray Lenses Part Two; Volume Shaders

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This tutorial is one of a 3 - part series. This tutorial will teach you how to use a volume shader connected to a camera.


Step one - Download the scenefog.mb.

Step two - Render the scene. You'll see a couple cubes sitting on a plane.

Step three - Open the attributes editor by going to window>attributes editor.

Step four - Open the outliner by going to window>outliner.

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Step five - Select persp in the outliner. This is the camera that we are looking through by default. Step six - In the attributes editor, roll down until you find the tab Mental Ray.

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Applying The Volume Shader

Step one - Select the checkered icon beside the field volume shader.

Step two - This will open the create render node window.

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Step three - Click on the Mental Ray tab in the Create Render Node window. Roll down to volume materials. Create the node Mib_volume.

Now that you've created the Mib_volume node, we're going to set some attributes to make a somewhat sci-fi effect. Set the color attribute of the Mib_volume node to blue (this is the color of the fog, which the Mib_volume shader will create). Set the Max to 10 (the higher this attribute the farther away the fog will appear). Render

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Why Did We Pick The Mib_volume Node?

Since the point of this tutorial is just to teach you how to use theses Mental Ray attributes of the camera, we don't need to use the most technical node.

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