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Removing nCloth

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Okay - you've got your simulation just right, but now you want to freeze the geometry and turn it back into unstimulated polygons. This tutorial will show you how to do that.


Make sure that your simulation is exactly how you want it. You won't be able to edit nCloth attributes after this. I recommend saving a backup file of your nCloth simulation if you want to go back and change it.

nCloth Removal

Step one - Select your cloth object and go to edit>delete by type>history.

Step two - For the following steps you'll have to open the outliner (window>outliner). In the outliner, select nCloth and anything else that's affiliated with nCloth, like nRigid, and hit delete. The original object you used for the nCloth should appear. We don't want that.

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Step three - In the outliner, go to display>shapes. Click the square with the + in it to unroll the shape nodes. Select the one on top and hit delete. Only leave the shape node Outputcloth.

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Step four - Now that we've got our nCloth object deleted, we need to delete nucleus. Put this - select -r nucleus1; - in the command line and hit enter. This will select the nucleus node (if you have more than one nucleus solver in your scene, at the end of the nucleus in the script, change the 1 to 2, 3, etc.). Now hit delete.

Okay. Now you've completely removed nCloth from your scene.

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