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Camera Bookmarks

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Camera bookmarks let you save the current viewing angle and all other viewing attributes. Bookmarks are saved in your scene directly.


Step one - On the viewport menu set, go to view>bookmarks>edit bookmarks... This will open the bookmark editor.

Step two - Set your camera at a different angle from the default angle.

Creating A Bookmark

This only applies to the current camera that's focused in the viewport. click New Bookmark, type the name of the angle in the name attribute and then the description and then hit enter.

(Note: In your description of the camera angle, be specific and use short-form to save space.)

Looking At Previously Saved Camera Bookmarks

Step one - Go to view>bookmarks...; there will be a new menu item here with the name of the bookmark. Clicking on that will take your current camera to that view.

Step two - Another way to do it is to open the bookmark editor and double-click on one of the bookmark's names in the box.

Where Are Bookmarks Saved

Each camera has an array attribute for saving bookmarks. To show this, open up the outliner (window>outliner), select the camera, then go to window>hypergraph: connections.
You can see the camera view node (bookmark) is connected to the camera's bookmark attribute. You can edit this bookmark node by selecting it and opening up the attributes editor (window>attributes editor).

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