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Projects in Maya let you create a folder structure that contains all your scenes, textures, rendered images, etc.

How To Use Projects

Projects are a way of organizing files in Maya. Different files go to different sub-folders of a main project folder.

By default, Maya uses a default project which can be found in your documents under My Documents/Maya/Projects. This folder will contain all the projects you create unless otherwise set. If you look in the default project you'll see its sub-folders.

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For example, let's say we're putting a scene together. We would put all our model textures in the source images folder and our scene files in the scene files folder. Now when we open Maya to search the textures, we would only need to put in "sourceimages\".

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Creating A New Project In Maya

Step one - Go to file>project>new...

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Step two - Set the name of the project; this will be the name of the project folder.

Step three - This is the location of your project folder. By default, it's set to the same location as the default folder.

Step four - Setting the locations of the sub files is simple. Enter the name of the folder that you want the type of project data to be stored in. To add a sub-sub folder, add a \ to the end of the word and write the sub folder's name at the end. Example: the depth files would go in renderdata\depth and IPR images would go in renderdata\iprimages. This would create a render data folder with two sub folders. If you don't want to set up your own folder structure, you can use Maya's default folder structure by clicking "use defaults".

Step five - After you've filled in all the locations, click accept.

Now this project will be the current project.

Editing Projects

Step one - Go to file>project>edit current...

Step two - You can't change the name or location of the project, but the rest of the attributes you can change.

Changing The Current Project

Let's say you want to go back to a different projects folder. To do this, go to file>projects>set... Select the project folder (not the sub folders) and click ok.

Or you could use the recent project list. Go to file>recent projects and select the file from the list.

Why Use Projects?

One advantage is organization. The next advantage, probably the most important advantage, is you can send a project folder to someone else's computer and all the textures and files will be sourced correctly. Because, instead of file locations saying "john doe/my documents/pictures/textures/" it would say "souceimages/". The problem with the first file location is, unless the computer you're sending it to also has the same file structure, the images will lose their connection with Maya.

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