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Creating Text In Maya

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This tutorial covers how to create text in Maya.


Set the menu set to polygons.

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Step one - To create the text, go to create>text... Click on the box to open the options.

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Step two - First enter the text in the text field.

Step three - To change the font, click on the arrow next to font and click "select...".

Step four - Type: this is the type of geometry you'll be outputting. Trim will output a NURB surface, Poly will output polygons, and Curves output NURBS curves.

If you select Poly, it's best to output the type to quads and the tessellation method to general or count.

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Step five - Click create to create your text.

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Step six - To give your text a 3D look, select all the polygonal geometry and go to edit mesh>extrude. Don't de-select anything; go to the move tool and move the text forwards.

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Now you are ready to use the text for your project.

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Good luck.

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