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Importing Audio Into Maya

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This tutorial covers how to import audio into Maya.


Make sure you have your audio file in .wav.

Step one - Go to file>import... Use the file browser to locate the audio file.

Step two - Right click on the timeline, hold, and go to sound>the name of your file.

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Now play the animation, and the sound will be on.

Multiple Audio Files

You can import as many audio files as you like into Maya.

Step one - Go to file>import... and import another audio file. Repeat the step as many times as necessary.

Step two - go to window>animation editors>trax editor.

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Step three - By clicking and moving each track, you can set the tracks to play in order.

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Step four - Right click on the timeline and go to sound>use trax sounds.

Deleting Sound

Select the audio track in the trax editor and press delete on your keyboard.

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