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5 Tricks On Using Cameras In Maya

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This tutorial covers 5 cool tricks you can do using cameras in Maya.

1. More Controlled Camera Tools

Go to view>camera tools>... Select the tool you want to edit and go to display>UI elements>tool settings.

By reducing the scale attribute, that tool's movement will be finer and more precise.

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2. Additional Camera Tools

Go to view>camera tools.

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As you can see there are tools beyond the default tumble, track, dolley and zoom. Using these additional tools, you can create cool camera angle effects.

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3. Rendering Resolution

Go to view>camera settings>resolution gate.

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Now you don't have to worry about accidently clipping something out when rendering. The resolution gate represents what will be rendered. If you're rendering to verticle resolution (example: width-100, height-400), go to view>camera settings>verticle.

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4. Using A Model As A Camera

Models can be converted into cameras. To do this, select the model and go to panels>look through selected.

To go back to the normal camera, go to panels>perspective>persp.

5. Interactive Shading

(Note: This only works if you're in shaded view)

If you have a high poly model and it's slowing down your GPU when you rotate are the scene, go to shading>interactive shading. Now when you move your camera, it will switch to wire frame view, which is easier on your GPU, and when you stop moving the camera, it will go back to shaded.

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