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Smoothing A Model In Blender

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Blender is, in a way, a lot like 3ds Max. They both use modifiers to smooth an object. 3ds uses the Mesh Smooth. Blender uses Subsurf.


Step one - Open Blender.

Step two - Go to the user camera. If you do not know the basics of getting around Blender, read this tutorial; Link:

Step three - Select the cube that's created by default.

Applying The Modifier

Here's the modifier panel in Blender;

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Applying The Modifier

To add the modifier, click add modifier and select Subsurf from the menu. You may be tempted to click the smooth one, but all smoothing will do is round off your geometry. It does not actually add polygons (if you come from a Maya background, it's similar to average vertices).

Let's explain attributes.

Subdivison Algorithims = By default this is set to Catmull - Clark. This will subdivide the model and make it look smoother (adding more polygons). Now the Simple Subdiv (Just in case you didn't already know, it stands for subdivide). It will subdivide the model, but not make the model look smoother, but still adding more polygons.

Levels = This is how many times the model will be subdivided in the 3d view. If you subdivide one polygon once, it will break up into four square polygons.

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Render Levels = This is how many times Blender will subdivide a model when it renders.

Optimal Draw = This will optimize the screen drawing.

Subsurf UV = This will decide if the modifier will effect the UV map. In other words, smooth it.

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