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At 3dtutorialzone.com we respect your privacy. When you create a member account, your email address, your nickname (pseudonym), and IP address will be saved on a database. This information will never be sold or used outside of 3dtutorialzone.com. We may need to use your email address if, for some reason you forget your password, or you subscribe to the newsletter. Your IP address is kept to prevent multiple accounts from being created from the same computer (3 accounts per IP address).

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privacy policy

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Terms of use


All pages, graphics, tutorials, models, and textures on this Web site, are the property of Travis Petrie.

Tutorials, or other content that is displayed on 3dtutorialzone.com, cannot be redistributed or reproduced in any way. Failure to get written consent from Travis Petrie to display, copy, print, re-work, or embed on any site other than 3dtutorialzone.com or sites that it is affiliated with, is a violation of copyrights.

3dtutorialzone.com and its content is provided without warranty or guarantees of any type. All risks related to use of the site is borne entirely by the user. The tutorials and articles on 3dtutorialzone.com are without guarantees to provide technical accuracy. The tutorials and articles on 3dtutorialzone.com may contain errors or typos. 3dtutorialzone.com or Travis Petrie is not responsible for any of these inconsistencies. If you find an error of technical inaccuracy or typos, please contact me at error@3dtutorialzone.com

3dtutorialzone.com or Travis Petrie in no way created or helped to create Maya , 3D Coat, Blender, MapZone, and Photoshop. All products mentioned are trade names of their respective holders.

While using 3dtutorialzone.com, you agree to have read and accepted all the terms on this page.


You can contact me at travis@3dtutorialzone.com for a general email.

admin@3dtutorialzone.com for technical help

error@3dtutorialzone.com for error in tutorials and articles

advertise@3dtutorialzone.com for advertisment inquiries

TravisPetrie@gmail.com If you would like to email me personally

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